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My Pet

The ultimate mobile application for managing and keeping track of your pet’s wellbeing. Features: Health, Food intakes, Sleep records, Playtime, Hygiene, Vet appointment, Reminders, Pet locater and Lost Mode, CCTV.

00 Project Overview

Concept: Concept for Product Design

Timeline: August 2019

Role: Product Design, UI, UX Design, UX Research


01 Project Background


Design an app that helps pet owners keep track and manage their pet's wellbeing in a unified platform.

Targeted Users

Pet owners who use smart phones and struggle to take care of their pets as they wish to.

02 Research & Findings

I used a human-centered approach to learn more about the users and their pain points. I interviewed a couple of pet owners to discover their day-to-day challenges and what they hope to improve.

Taking care of pets with medical needs

Pain Point 01

Not having a one-stop platform for pet management

Pain Point 03

Troubles with remote monitoring (e.g. pet cam, CCTV)

Pain Point 02

03 Design Process

04 Outcome

My pet new present.jpg
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My pet new present3.jpg
My pet new present2.jpg
My pet new present4.jpg

05 Reflections


How to use a human-centered approach


Low-high fid prototyping


Improve my skills in UX & UI Design

Visual Design for mobile application

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