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Hi, I'm Zahra!


I'm a Vancouver-based designer, passionate about creating meaningful experiences through digital products and interfaces.


I have an MDes in Interaction Design and a BA in Visual Communications. The path that led me here made me develop a holistic skillset in digital product design from start to finish. I specialize in crafting digital experiences that are not only visually striking but are also enjoyable to interact with while maintaining a user-centered and More-than-Human* approach.

*This mindful approach addresses all beings affected by the design and the design process, including marginalized populations and the rest of the living planet. In my master's thesis (2022), I collaborated with my colleague Kimia Gholami and devised an inclusive More-than-Human design process. This methodology attempts to address our entanglement with the rest of the world by expanding the Human-centered approach and intervening in different stages of the Design Thinking strategy. (Read more)


With technology taking over most of our daily tasks, I see an opportunity for digital designers to contribute to our planet's wellbeing by creating and facilitating mindful interactions with ourselves, other humans, and our natural surroundings. 

zahra jalali

So far,

I completed my Master of Design (Interaction) at Emily Carr University of Art + Design in Spring 2022.


Before joining Emily Carr, I co-founded a studio in Tehran, Iran and worked as a product designer while pursuing a BA in Visual Communications.


Since then, I have worked as an Experience Designer (UI/UX/Visual/3D) in several studios and startups for over 5 years.

Other than design


I take care of my plants, enjoy the endless beauties of British Columbia, and take a lot of pictures (mostly of my cat).

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