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EsVedra VR

EsVedra is a global community of wellness content creators offering locally-driven, science-backed experiences to users around the world through the EsVedra App. ISM has partnered with EsVedra to develop and prototype immersive 3D wellness solutions for the emerging market. I joined the design team via MITACS's Business Strategy Internship (BSI). I was in charge of creative direction of the virtual scenes, guiding aesthetics choices and concept development, and  leading 3d design + early VR prototyping with UI elements in Unreal Engine.

This platform is in the development phase and the designed content are not to be shared publicly. Below are some of the early concepts & images that I designed and developed throughout the project. Please get in touch for more details.

Project Overview

Client: ISM Arts & Culture, EsVedra Inc.

Timeline: Dec 2021 - May 2022

Role: Product Design for VR, 3D Design, Creative Direction, User-Testing


Creative Direction for Virtual Reality

When I joined the team, the project had already gone through initial R&D phase and had multiple research reports. After going through the conducted research documents, I mapped out key themes for immersive spaces in the design team. 

Concept Art

I developed several concepts for the platform based on research insights and made 2D and 3D sketches.

3D Design for Virtual Reality

I led design and development for 3 VR scenes. After discussing the landscape, plan, and environment layout with a team of industrial designers and architectures, I modeled and designed spaces and had them ready for initial in-house testing with VR headsets, and finally exported fly-through videos for project demo.

User Experience for VR

While working on the immersive environments, I was also collaborating with the design and development team to determine important touchpoints in the user journey, and to align the 3d spaces and their interactions with the upcoming interface.

We also analyzed the research insights and identified key pain points that need to be considered in the app development.

Pain Point 01

Unfamiliar with VR

Pain Point 02

Motion Sickness


Esvedra research.png

Prototype & Test

By the end of this project, I imported and refined the spaces in a game engine and added sound effects, motion, and UI elements. These prototypes were used for in-house testing with Oculus quest 2 headsets to determine tech issues and reiterate the design. 



In the end, I devised and delivered a roadmap for UX and UI design. ISM and EsVedra are currently working on the next phase of this project to further move forward with development and launching this unique experience.


  • Incorporated my UX knowledge into creating an immersive platform.

  • Designed and produced 3 virtual spaces for VR.

  • Developed concepts for a VR product.

  • Got familiar with game engines and VR production workflow.

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