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Shifting Realities

This project was part of my studio practice at Emily Carr University of Art + Design during my masters. I explored the notions of interconnectivity and the blurred line between human and non-human life through material investigation on a remaining bleached coral reef and creative direction & visual storytelling. This project took place as the world was struggling with COVID-19 and human life was immensely threatened by non-human life. Shifting realities indicates the close relationship of humans and questions the human-nature dichotomy in the era of climate crisis.

Project Overview

Project: Design for Climate Change Awareness

Timeline: Fall 2020

Role: Creative Direction, Material Exploration, 3D Design, Motion Design

Dying Ocean

Coral bleaching phenomena is a direct result of temperature rise in oceans due to global warming. At the first glance, white corals can look beautiful, however, when realizing the reason behind it, the ocean turns into a graveyard.

I experimented with this message through making. I used plaster to create molds from the coral piece and human figures. I then took some photographs to explore a non-human-centered perspective.

A Change of Perspective

We are dependent on nature.

Perhaps, nature can thrive even better without us, but we can’t exist without them.

Who’s really in charge? when we all cease to exist without a functional ecosystem?

Shifting Realities

Do we treat nature the way we treat our home?
Aren’t our homes, however urban looking, part of nature as well? Or even nature itself?

What is nature? Where is nature?
Is this a binary relationship?
These are the questions that this project attempts to explore.

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