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Artsi studio is an advertising agency that offers visual design and marketing solutions to high-end interior design companies in Tehran, Iran. I joined Artsi as a Visual Designer and I had the chance to work on several projects over 6 months. Among which was designing for Indexpo annual exhibition & Bayat Nomad, a Persian brand with a unique collection of antique and modern Persian rugs.​

Project Overview

Client: INDEXPO (Tehran), Bayat Nomad

Timeline: June - December 2019

Team: Zahra Jalali & Kimia Gholami, Living Labs @ECUAD

Role: Visual/3D Design, Creative Direction


Home Festival

I designed the visual for the upcoming exhibition which was complemented by its animated video made by Artsi's motion graphics team. This poster and video were promoted to invite brands and interior design enthusiast to the exhibition taking place in November 2019.

3D Design & Creative Direction

Bayat Nomad

To showcase their latest collection in the INDEXPO exhibition, I took charge of creating 4 catalogues for Bayat Nomad & their modern sub brand, Maryam Bayat Design. Our goal was to showcase the carpets in luxury interior scenes to highlight their high-end quality and have the catalogue ready to be shared among prospective buyers and collectors in the INDEXPO (2019-Tehran) Exhibition. I designed the 3d spaces while closely collaborating with founders and designers of Bayat Nomad who were specialized in interior design.

6 - edit - bright version.jpg

Outcome & Learnings

  • Designed and rendered +20 realistic 3d interior images.

  • Collaborated with interior designers.

  • Became familiar with working in an advertising agency and taking on different projects. 

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